A new video documentary from Sierra Leone showcases how Land Land for Life’s Multi-Stakeholder Dialogue improves trust, empowerment, gender inclusion and change throughout levels and sectors, such as communities, civil society, government entities, media and the private sector.

In Sierra Leone, access to land tenure is vital for the economic empowerment of communities, solving environmental problems and strengthening food security. Yet, many issues continue to prevail. Foreign investments in the agricultural sector lead to controversial land acquisitions escalating into sometimes violent conflicts. Although progressive laws and regulations protecting customary land rights and women’s land rights were passed by lawmakers, their effective implementation is hindered by various challenges, such as gaps in coordination, local stakeholders’ understanding of the legal framework, or discriminatory practices. 

Our partners from Land for Life Sierra Leone produced a video documentary, to show how Land for Life is trying to solve these issues by fostering multi-stakeholder dialogue and community empowerment on the national, district, and community-level. Testimonials from communities, civil society actors, politicians, and the private sector show, how access to dialogue increases knowledge, trust, empowerment, and change on several levels, which are crucial for inclusive, and people-centered land governance.

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