Land for Life Ethiopia undertakes a strategy validation workshop among General Assembly members. The workshop was held on November 20.2021 at Azzeman Hotel. The draft strategy document was presented by Fikru Takele to the GA members.

The strategy document is the main reference document that frames the actions to be undertaken by the Initiative and serves as a guide ensuring that the Initiative stays on track. The strategy document is a result of many consultations with various stakeholders and it is prepared by the support International team in a participatory manner among the strategy development team. The team exerted greater efforts and commitments in preparing the strategy document.

The Theory of Change (ToC) in the strategy document summarizes thoughts on how change happens. The ToC depicts the pathway from engaging the key stakeholders through the deployment of carefully selected strategies to bring about a change in their behaviors thus leading to changes in policies, practices, and processes that culminate in the achievement of our strategic objective and overall goal.

During the validation workshop the members discussed in detail on a group basis focusing on the strategy document mission, vision, goal, change objectives, structure, and key stakeholders and reflected their key points in a plenary. Constructive feedback is provided by the members that on each point enrich the strategy document.

One additional change objective is proposed by the member on food sovereignty to be included. The additional objective will be refined and planned to be presented in the future for further deliberation, as the LfL-Ethiopia expands its program focuses.

Strategy validation workshop, © Mulugeta, Land for Life Ethiopia

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